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Zumbrota, MN
Bridging the Past and the Future

February 4 Council Minutes






FEBRUARY 4, 2010 6:00 P.M.    



Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Mayor Rich Bauer called the Zumbrota City Council to order at 6:00 p.m.  PRESENT:  Mayor Rich Bauer; Council members Doug Borgschatz, Betty Jo Grothe, Dale Hinderaker and Sara Nygaard. Others present: City Administrator Neil Jensen, Public Works Director Rick Lohmann, Community Development Director Dan King, City Accountant Kim Simonson, Police Chief Gary Selness, City Attorney Matt Rockne, Library Director James Hill, Jim Wedge, Brian Haugen, Officer Rob Jarrett, and NewsRecord Reporter Sandy Hadler.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Motion Grothe, second Nygaard to adopt the agenda.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Hinderaker, second Borgschatz, to approve the regular meeting minutes of  

January 21, 2010.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Borgschatz, second Grothe to approve the accounts payable of $41,804.68. 

Approved 5-0-0.


Public Comment: 


Public Hearings/MeEtings: 


Unfinished Business:




8-A.  DFA Pretreatment Permit

Public Works Director Lohmann requested the Council approve a one year extension for DFA’s pretreatment permit.  Since the changes last year the odor issue has been much better.  Lohmann explained the current penalty structure seems to be working to hold things to a minimum.  If this year goes well then the permit could be reissued with the understanding that the permit is always subject to change if the City gives DFA a 60 day notice.  Council member Borgschatz stated DFA has done a good job working within the permit levels and he appreciated it.  Motion Hinderaker, second Grothe to approve the DFA Pretreatment Permit through 12/31/2010.  Approved 5-0-0.



8-B.  Thein Well Repair Quote Approval

It is time to make regularly scheduled repairs to Well #3.  The pump needs replacing so Public Works Director Lohmann requested approval for a replacement pump from Thein Well Company.  The pump he recommended is the ITT Goulds at a cost of $7,839.00.  $4,000 had previously been approved for the pull of the pump, the measurement of the well and the cleaning of components.  Lohmann asked the Council to approve the repairs, remaining labor and the new pump at a cost of $19,185.50.  Motion Borgschatz, second Nygaard to approve the repairs, remaining labor and new pump for Well #3 at a cost of $19,185.50.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-C.  Approve EDA Member Appointment

Chuck Sturm’s EDA term is up.  The EDA is recommending Dave Grimsrud be appointed to fill the vacancy.  Motion Hinderaker, second Nygaard to approve the appointment of Dave Grimsrud to fill the spot formerly held by Chuck Sturm.  Approved 5-0-0.




City Administrator Neil Jensen

Gave a map of the CapX 2020 proposed route to the Council.  Two routes were highlighted by the Public Utilities Commission.  The preferred route follows Highway 52 south to County Road 7 then veers from the highway.  Both routes allow a buffer around the City of Zumbrota.  Jensen also reported he, Community Development Director King and Mayor Bauer had attended the Economic Development Summit held last week.  Representative Drazkowski was in attendance and spoke of the likelihood of LGA cuts for 2010.


Community Development Director Dan King;

Also reported on the EDA Summit.  He spoke about the area’s push to promote agricultural tourism, wineries and area attractions. 


Mayor Rich Bauer;

Passed out a letter to the Council from the City of Goodhue outlining Goodhue’s setback requests for the proposed wind power project.  The City of Goodhue wanted the City of Zumbrota to be aware of Goodhue’s position on the wind project and its proximity to the City of Goodhue.  Goodhue is requesting a two mile setback.


Meeting adjourned 6:22 p.m.


                                                                                    Neil Jensen City Administrator

City of Zumbrota; 175 West Avenue; Zumbrota, MN 55992