Zumbrota, MN 

Bridging the Past and the Future

May 15, 2008 Council Minutes






Thursday, May 15, 2008   6:00 P.M.    



Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Mayor Rich Bauer called the Zumbrota City Council to order at 6:00 p.m.  PRESENT:  Mayor Rich Bauer; Council members Doug Borgschatz, Bill Eberhart, Michael Feil, Betty Jo Grothe. Others present: City Administrator Neil Jensen, Public Works Director Rick Lohmann, Community Development Director Dan King, City Accountant Kim Simonson, City Attorney Matt Rockne, City Engineer Bill Angerman and Brian Haugen.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Motion Grothe, second Feil, to adopt the agenda.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Borgschatz, second Grothe, to approve the regular meeting minutes of May 1, 2008.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Grothe, second Eberhart, to approve the accounts payable of $31,219.76. 

Approved 5-0-0.


Public Comment: 


Public Hearings/MeEtings: 


Unfinished Business:







8-A.  Park Board Appointment

The Park Board has recommended Brittany Thomforde be appointed to the Park Board to fill the spot vacated by Johnny Harris.

Motion Grothe, second Eberhart to appoint Brittany Thomforde to the Park Board. 

Approved 4-0-1 (Borgschatz)


8-B.  On/Off Sale Liquor License Renewals

The following on/off sale liquor licenses were presented to the Council for Approval:

Covered Bridge Supper Club, Inc.        On & Off Sale & Sunday Liquor

Stary-Yerka Post VFW 5727               Club & Sunday Liquor

Zumbrota Golf Club                              On Sale & Sunday Liquor

Zumbrota Liquor Store             On and Off Sale Liquor


Police Chief Selness said there were no violations and but there were some after hour issues at one establishment.  Feil asked what the club designation meant.  It has to be a private club. Eberhart asked city staff to provide council members with the qualifications an establishment must meet to be considered a club.


Motion Grothe, second Borgschatz to approve the licenses.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-C.  Sidewalk Snow Removal Quote Approval


Two quotes were received.  One from Country Side Lawn and Landscape (formerly Fred’s Lawn Care) and the other from Garry’s Snow Removal.


Motion Feil, second Grothe to approve the low quote of Country Side Lawn and Landscape.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-D.  Fire Works Application Approval

Midwest Fabrication is sponsoring the entire fireworks display during the Covered Bridge Festival.  The show will be done by J & M Displays.

Motion Grothe, second Borgschatz to approve the fireworks application.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-E.  Grit Classifier Quote Approval

Public Works Director Lohmann presented the Council with a quote for a Wemco Grit Classifier for $35,600.  The second item on the quote was to rebuild the grit pump for $3,000-$4,000.  Motion Borgschatz, second Grothe to approve the purchase of the Wemco Grit Classifier from Vessco for $35,600 and the rebuilding of the grit pump for $3,000-$4,000.  Approved 5-0-0.




Public Works Director Rich Lohmann;

Reported the pool house is being worked on the pool house and also there will be sewer cleaning within the city beginning shortly.


City Engineer Bill Angerman;

Reported he had looked at Bitter Creek wall collapse.  Bill Huber from the watershed district said that no permit is required to rebuild the wall and there are no funds available for the city. 
The project would not qualify for NRCS money.  The City or the private property owners would need to be responsible for the repair.  Feil asked what the recommendation was for replacement.  Angermann said there are undermining issues and the entire thing may need to be replaced.  Administrator Jensen said perhaps there could be a temporary measure done.  Borgschatz asked if city staff could put some ideas together.  Mayor Bauer cautioned that property owners would need to be in agreement because it could be something which they would need to participate in depending on scope, etc.  Councilmember Eberhart stated something should be done with the wall as soon as possible.   Angerman said he would report back after he had gathered some more facts.  The Council will consider this at a later date after more information is available


Angerman also spoke about the Highway 58 Bridge project.  The state has assigned the project to Falstol Kabral in the Rochester office.  Site survey has been done but there has been no assignment of a hydrologist.  The City will want studies which show how the span width will affect issues of flood flow regarding the park and the treatment plant. 


A Warren Ave Preconstruction meeting was held on Tuesday.  The project will start June 2nd.  The public meeting for residents affected by the construction is scheduled for Monday, May 19th at 6:00 p.m.



Meeting adjourned  6:32p.m.


                                                                                    Neil Jensen City Administrator

City of Zumbrota; 175 West Avenue; Zumbrota, MN 55992