Zumbrota, MN 

Bridging the Past and the Future

November 3, 2005 Council Minutes


          REGULAR MEETING     November 3, 2005   6:00 P.M.      TOWN HALL


Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Mayor Rich Bauer called the Zumbrota City Council to order at 6:00 p.m.  PRESENT:  Mayor Bauer, Councilmembers Willard Eberhart, Betty Jo Grothe, Doug Borgschatz, Dave Benson.  Others present: City Administrator Neil Jensen, City Accountants Mary Rohe & Kim Simonson, Public Works Director Rick Lohmann, Police Chief Gary Selness, Reporter Sandy Hadler, Paul Qualy, Jim Wedge, Conway Jacobson, Brian Haugen, Geno Wente.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.




Mayor Bauer added Agenda Item 8-D. RFP City Engineering Services.


               Motion Grothe, second Eberhart, to adopt the agenda as amended.  Carried 5-0-0.




City Accountant Kim Simonson requested an adjustment in the accounts payable from $382,972.00 to $361,853.00.


             Motion Eberhart, second Grothe, to approve the regular meeting minutes of                              10/20/05 as amended.  Carried 4-0-1 (Benson).




Motion Borgschatz, second Eberhart to approve the accounts payable of $199,804.50.  Carried 5‑0‑0.





Unfinished Business:


7-D.  Sanitation Contract Approval Waste Management


Geno Wente from Waste Management was present to discuss the Sanitation Agreement.  Waste Management and the City have come to terms on a five year contract and have resolved the differences in language. Changes were made to the removal of the CPI annual increases and additional tipping fees.  City Attorney Matt Rockne inserted Section 12 Sanitation Code for reference.


            Motion Grothe, second Eberhart to approve the five year contract with Waste   Management for Garbage Disposal and authorize the Mayor to sign the contract.

            Carried 5-0-0


7-A Police Department:


Mayor Bauer reported that a hard copy of the police contract is being sent and that the police committee have tentatively set a meeting for December 1st with the union representative. 



7-B.  Rodgers Softball Park Update:


Councilmember Borgschatz reported that the old lime has been spread and leveled and he is going to use the drag from the school to finish the project.  Borgschatz also reported that he has three concept plans for a concession stand/restrooms for the Park Board.  Excel Energy was contacted and will look into street lights for the parking area.



7-C.  Performance Review City administrator Neil Jensen.


Mayor Bauer and Councilmember Grothe reviewed the performance evaluations with City Administrator Neil Jensen and he received a favorable review.  Mayor Bauer recommended that Administrator Jensen receive a step increase from step 3 to step 4, effective as of his anniversary date.


Motion Grothe, second Borgschatz to approve a step increase from step 3 to step 4 for City Administrator Neil Jensen based on a satisfactory performance review, effective as of his anniversary date. Carried 5-0-0


New Business:


8-A.  COLA Increase.


The city employees receive a cost of living allocation at the first of the year.  Mayor Bauer requested that two volunteers look into the COLA increase.  Councilmember Eberhart volunteered along with Mayor Bauer to review the COLA increase and bring back a recommendation to the council.


            Motion Borgschatz, second Benson to appoint Mayor Bauer and Councilmember          Eberhart to review the COLA increase and bring back a recommendation to the council           for approval.  Carried 5-0-0


8-B.  Resolution #2005-28 Setting Public Hearing Final Assessment Jacobson Commercial Park.


The Jacobson Commercial Park is nearly complete and the final assessment must be certified to Goodhue County.  Therefore, a public hearing must be set to receive input on the proposed assessment and allow the affected persons an opportunity to be heard.  The public hearing shall be held on December 1st, 2005 at 6:10.


            Motion Grothe, second Benson to approve Resolution #2005-28 Resolution for hearing            Proposed Assessment.  Carried 5-0-0


8-C. Resolution #2005-27 Setting Assessment and Ordering Assessment Roll.


The contract for the Jacobson Commercial Park was let and costs were determined in making of the improvements.  The expenses incurred are said to be $905,000.00.  The portion of the costs paid by the city is to be $905,000.00 and that cost is to be assessed against the benefited properties.  Therefore, the council declares the costs and orders preparations of proposed assessments. 


            Motion Benson, second Grothe to approve Resolution #2005-27 Declaring Costs to be            Assessed and Ordering Preparation of Proposed Assessment.  Carried 5-0-0


8-D.  Request for Proposals City Engineering Services.


The City Council has requested that city staff prepare a RFP for engineering services and bring back a draft copy for review. 


            Motion Grothe, second Eberhart to instruct city staff to draft an RFP for City Engineering          Services and bring it back for review and comment. Carried 5-0-0





City Administrator Neil Jensen:


City Administrator Neil Jensen reported that MNDOT completed a traffic count on Main Street but he has not received the report on the count.  Jensen also reported that a grant from FEMA has been finalized and the city will receive about $20,000 for the parks.



City Accountant Mary Rohe:


City Accountant Mary Rohe reported that the October cash sheet is in the council mailboxes.


Councilmember Benson:


Councilmember Benson requested that Mayor Bauer read a letter of resignation from Councilmember Benson. It read as follows:




November 3, 2005

To Zumbrota City Council:

      I regret the need to submit my resignation from City Council at this time. Ongoing health concerns make it necessary for me to do so. I don't feel that I can do an effective job for the citizen's of Zumbrota who elected me. I have enjoyed being a part of Zumbrota City Council and working with people on behalf of the city. I would like to thank all of those who have shown their support during my time on Council and during my illness.


        David Benson


Mayor and Councilmembers were saddened by the news of Benson’s resignation and wished him well and thanked him for all he has done for the city.  Councilmember Benson asked if the council is going to replace the council position.  Discussion was held and a motion was recommended .


            Motion Borgschatz, second Eberhart to accept the Councilmember Benson’s resignation           and advertise the council position for interested parties.  Carried 5-0-0


Councilmember Eberhart:


Councilmember Eberhart asked Public Works Director Rick Lohmann about the natural gas installation going on within the city.  Public Works Director Rick Lohmann reported that the gas is a high pressure line required to supply the golf course development.   


Mayor Bauer adjourned the meeting at 6:38 p.m.


                                                                                    _______________________________                                                                                              Neil Jensen City Administrator


City of Zumbrota; 175 West Avenue; Zumbrota, MN 55992