Zumbrota, MN 

Bridging the Past and the Future

December 3, 2015 Council Minutes










DECEMBER 3, 2015

6:00 P.M.



Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Mayor Richard Bauer called the Zumbrota City Council to order at 6:00 p.m.  PRESENT:  Council members Brad Drenckhahn, Dale Hinderaker, Sara Durhman, and Tina Hostager.   Others present: City Administrator Neil Jensen, Police Chief Pat Callahan, City Accountant Kim Simonson, City Attorney Matt Rockne, Community Development Director Dan King, Public Works Director Mike Olson, Library Director James Hill, Stan Nerhaugen, Gary Harder, Roberta Callahan, Sandy Hadler, Brian Haugen, and Tawny Michels


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Motion Drenckhahn, second Hostager to adopt the agenda.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Hinderaker, second Durhman, to approve the meeting minutes of November 18, 2015.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Hostager, second Drenckhahn to approve the accounts payable of $90,804.92.

Approved 5-0-0.



Stan Nerhaugen, District Governor of the Lions’ Club, addressed the Council about the formation of a Lions’ Club in Zumbrota.  He stated Zumbrota was the largest community in SE Minnesota without a service club.  The Lions’ have been holding meetings to generate members.  He invited Council and those in the audience to attend the meeting at the Library on Saturday to find out more about the Lions’ Club.



6-A.  2016 Budget and Levy Hearing

Mayor Bauer opened the public hearing at 6:16 pm.  Jensen summarized the budget and highlighted the residential and commercial construction for 2015 which had added to the tax base.  Gary Harder, a member of the audience, asked what the increase percentage of the levy was and what had contributed to the increase.  The levy increased by 3.94% which reflected an increase in the police department, fire department.  Harder said he thought those increases were reasonable and thanked the Council for the good job they do.  The public hearing closed at 6:18 p.m.





Unfinished Business:

7-A.  Solid Waste Designation

Bauer and Jensen had attended some meeting regarding the landfill options available in Goodhue County.  The concern with making the Red Wing site the only site to use is the concern is the ability to raise prices with no checks and balances all the while requiring all waste in Goodhue County to be handled at the site.  The current tipping fee is $83 and the proposed 2017 tipping fee is just under $100.  The Goodhue County Commissioners voted 3-2 to go with the closed landfill program but are considering an oversite committee.   The Council Sub-committee recommended that the City of Zumbrota allow waste haulers to take 50% of waste to a landfill of their choice and 50% to the Red Wing facility.  Motion Drenckhahn, second Hostager to have waste haulers to take 50% of waste to a landfill of their choice and 50% to the Red Wing facility.  Approved 5-0-0.



8-A.  LMCIT Liability Coverage Waiver

Motion Hostager, second Drenckhahn to approve the LMCIT Liability Coverage Waiver and not waive the statutory requirements. 

Approved 5-0-0.


8-B.  Sale of 1998 Chevy Pickup and Boss Snow Plow

Public Works Director Olson asked the Council for approval to list the 1998 Chevy Pickup and Boss Snow Plow for sale on MinnBid.  Motion Durhman, second Hinderaker to list the 1998 Chevy pickup and Boss Snow Plow for sale on MinnBid.   Approved 5-0-0.



Community Development Director Dan King:

Told the council that the CheckPoint MN promotion had begun and will continue through January 31, 2016.  The Covered Bridge was designated as one of the check in sites for the promotion.


Public Works Director Mike Olson:

Reported the Sewer Plant had a major interruption this week Sunday when the main pipe leading into the plant ruptured.  Dankers was called to pump the sewage in a bypass.  This pump was manned 24/7 by the public works staff.  Winona Mechanical and Schumacher Excavating completed the repair on Thursday. 


Chief Pat Callahan:

Stated he had received some applications for the part time position vacated by Officer Loomis.  He also reported the first snowfall parking ordinance had not gone well.  The Police Department and the Public Works Department will work together to improve the process.  Hostager asked for a report on the School Resource Officer.  Callahan replied that although he had no formal report everything he had heard had been positive.


The Zumbrota City Council meeting was adjourned at 6:42 p.m.



                                                                                    Neil Jensen City Administrator

City of Zumbrota; 175 West Avenue; Zumbrota, MN 55992