Zumbrota, MN 

Bridging the Past and the Future

City Council Meeting Minutes December 20, 2012






DECEMBER 20, 2012 6:00 P.M.    



Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Mayor Rich Bauer called the Zumbrota City Council to order at 6:00 p.m.  PRESENT:  Mayor Rich Bauer; Council members Sara Durhman, Brad Drenckhahn and Tina Hostager (Absent: Dale Hinderaker). Others present: City Administrator Neil Jensen, City Accountant Kim Simonson, Police Chief Gary Selness, Police Officer Rob Jarrett, Police Officer Gene Leifeld, City Attorney Matt Rockne, Library Director James Hill, Jerry Mossely, NewsRecord Reporter Duane Aaland, Sandy Hadler, Jim Wedge, Roxanne Bartsch and Brian Haugen.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Motion Durhman, second Hostager to adopt the agenda.  Approved 4-0-0.



Motion Drenckhahn, second Hostager, to approve the regular meeting minutes of

December 6, 2012.  Approved 4-0-0.


Motion Hostager, second Drenckhahn, to approve the Fire Board meeting minutes of

December 4, 2012.  Approved 4-0-0.



Motion Hostager, second Durhman to approve the accounts payable of $40,432.90 

Approved 4-0-0.


Public Comment: 


Public Hearings/MeEtings


Unfinished Business:

7-A.  Fire Board Agreement/Truck Discussion

Mayor Bauer presented the Council with some spreadsheets outlining different scenarios of cost sharing for the townships and City. Drenckhahn said he is unwilling to enter into any agreement which doesn’t require a unanimous decision.  Durhman stated the budget and capital equipment schedule must be approved unanimously.  She asked if these materials could be reviewed with the various townships.  Hostager said she would like to come to the next Fire Board meeting with scenarios which are acceptable to the City.  Hostager also asked if the costs and budgets of other fire districts could be obtained to use as a source of comparison.  The spreadsheets provided by Bauer did have comparisons with the Wanamingo Fire District and the Mazeppa Fire District.  These districts function most like ours.  Pine Island and Goodhue do not.  Staff will do additional research and put together some spreadsheets and graphs for the next council meeting.  Durhman stated she would like to understand what concessions the Council would be willing to give.  Bauer said he is unwilling to concede sharing the depreciation costs unless the estimated market value model is used.  Durhman said the townships need to be made aware of what the City has conceded over the years.  But she said she could be flexible on the depreciation aspect in order to get the unanimous vote on the capital equipment. 


Council then moved on to discuss past Fire Board budgets.  Bauer stated the budgets haven’t changed much over the years except for a $7,000 transfer out of the Fire Board checkbook.  Clarification needs to be made on where this money goes.  Also, Hostager would like clarification on what their investment funds are being held for and what is considered an adequate emergency fund.  Durhman noted the pull tab money had dropped off sharply over the last year.  She would like more clarification on that. 




8-A.  Resolution 2012-14

The final levy was presented to the Council as follows:

GENERAL                 $1,037,908                             

LIBRARY                   $150,137                                                        

PARK                         $42,850                                                                      

SWIM POOL              $53,847                                                                      

STORM WTR             $6,000                                                            

10A GO REF              $58,000

10B GO REF              $120,000                                                                    

SUBTOTAL               $1,468,742

Golf C. Abate              $65,000

G Auto Abate              $17,000


Total Levy                  $1,550,742     


Motion Drenckhahn, second Durhman to approve Resolution 2012-14 Resolution Approving Final Budget and Levy Collectible in 2013.  Approved 4-0-0.


8-B.  2013 Tobacco License Renewals

A tobacco compliance check has been done on City cigarette license holders.  All were found in compliance.  Motion Hostager, second Durhman to approve 2013 cigarette licenses for the following establishments:

Casey’s General Store #2809

Casey’s General Store #2810

Kwik Trip #463

Matthees Midtown Texaco

Zumbrota Liquor Store

Zumbrota Super America

Approved 4-0-0.


8-C.  Year-end Transfers

City Accountant requested the Council approve some yearend transfers, close out Fund 429 – Capital Projects CR 68 and establish Fund 430 – Capital Projects 435th Street.

Motion Drenckhahn, second Hostager to approve the following transfers:

  • $30,000 from Fund 260 – Golf Course Abatement to Fund 606 – Sewer Restricted
  • $18,300 from Fund 261 – Grover Abatement to Fund 600 – Water Restricted
  • $1,409.49 from Fund 429 – Capital Projects County Road 68 to Fund 600 – Water Restricted
  • $1,409.49 from Fund 429 – Capital Projects County Road 68 to Fund 606 – Sewer Restricted

Approved 4-0-0.


Motion Durhman, second Drenckhahn to Street to transfer $17,200 from Fund 104 – General Municipal Reserve to establish Fund 430 – Capital Projects 435th Street.  Approved 4-0-0.


8-D.  Temporary Right to Construct Permit Approval (MNDOT)

MNDOT will need a temporary construction easement from the City to construct a handicap ramp by the public parking lot north of the Zumbrota Liquor Store.  MNDOT will compensate for the easement up to $500.  Motion Drenckhahn, second Hostager to approve the temporary right to construct permit from MNDOT.  Approved 4-0-0.


8-E.  Downtown Streetlight Banner Project

Roxanne Bartsch was present to ask the Council for their support for a downtown street banner project.  The project would involve creating banners with original artwork on one side and local business advertising on the other.  The banners would hang from May through September after which time the banners and the original artwork would be auctioned off.  The banners would be sponsored by ZAAC.  There would be no cost to the City other than manpower to hang the banners.  Motion Durhman, second Hostager to support the downtown street banner project.  Approved 4-0-0.


8-F.  Set Board of Equalization (April 23rd, 2013  5:00)

Motion Durhman, second Drenckhahn to set the Board of Equalization hearing for April 23, 2013 at 5:00 pm.   Approved 4-0-0.



City Administrator Neil Jensen:

Stated the MNDOT meeting, which had been scheduled earlier that day, had been postponed.  He added he would do his best to get the rescheduled meeting scheduled on a day other than Thursday.  Thursday is inconvenient for business owners. 


He and Officer Jarrett spoke about the TZD saturation which had occurred last weekend.  124 drivers were stopped for various violations and all were sober.  The saturation event will continue in various locations throughout Goodhue County during the Christmas season.


Mayor Richard Bauer;

Reported a Library agreement will soon come to Council.  He asked the Council to complete Administrator Jensen’s annual evaluation form.  Yearly appointments will be voted on next meeting and Bauer asked Council to let him know if they wanted any changes.


Council Member Brad Drenckhahn;

Complimented Officer Leifeld on the CHI bake sale and the work he does


Meeting adjourned 7:37 p.m.


                                                                                    NeilJensenCity Administrator

City of Zumbrota; 175 West Avenue; Zumbrota, MN 55992