Zumbrota, MN 

Bridging the Past and the Future

City Council Meeting Minutes April 5, 2012




APRIL 5, 2012 6:00 P.M.    



Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Mayor Rich Bauer called the Zumbrota City Council to order at 6:02 p.m.  PRESENT:  Mayor Rich Bauer; Council members Dale Hinderaker, Sara Durhman, Tina Hostager and Brad Drenckhahn. Others present: City Administrator Neil Jensen, Community Development Director Dan King, City Accountant Kim Simonson, Police Chief Gary Selness, City Engineer Bill Angerman, Police Officer Rob Jarrett, Police Officer Gene Leifeld, Library Director James Hill, Brian Haugen, Rebecca Aaland, Jerry Mosely, Jim Wedge, Joe Wheeler, Karen DuCharme, and Sandy Hadler.


The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Motion Durhman, second Hostager to adopt the agenda.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Hinderaker, second Drenckhahn, to approve the regular meeting minutes of March 17, 2012.  Approved 5-0-0.

Motion Hinderaker, second Durhman, to approve the work session minutes of March 17, 2012.  Approved 5-0-0.



Motion Hostager, second Drenckhahn to approve the accounts payable of $28,011.63. 

Approved 5-0-0.


Public Comment: 


Public Hearings/MeEtings

6-A.  Small Cities Development Grant Program

Mayor Bauer opened the public hearing at 6:05 pm.  Joe Wheeler of SEMMCHRA briefly explained the program stating it is a federally funded program available to people fitting income limits to fix up their homes.  Currently ten area homes are on the waiting list.  The mayor closed the public hearing at 6:10 pm.


Unfinished Business:

7-A.  Fire Truck Discussion

No discussion.




8-A.  Resolution 2012-05 Zumbrota Joint city Small Cities Development Program Application

Motion Hostager, second Durhman to approve Resolution 2012-05 Zumbrota Joint City Small Cities Development Program Application.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-B.  Small Cities Development Program Cooperative Agreement

Motion Durhman, second Hostager to approve the Small Cities Development Program Cooperative Agreement.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-C.  Lawn Mowing Contract Extension 2012

There were no changes in the 2012 contract from the 2011 contract with Green Edge Lawn and Landscape.  Motion Hinderaker, second Drenckhahn to approve the lawn mowing contract extension for 2012.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-D.  Utility Extension 445th Street Bid Approval

City Engineer Bill Angerman told the Council ten bids had been received for the work on 445th Street.  The bids were as follows:

Schumacher Construction       $139,770.10

Heselton Construction                        $146,102.50

A-1 Excavating                       $152,639.50

Swenke Co                              $156,407.00

BCM Constructions                $164,696.00

Winona Mechanical                $169,523.25

Elcor Construction                  $171,972.00

SL Contracting                        $179,265.20

Kuehle Underground               $179,642.40

Blitz Construction                   $202,511.40

Angerman asked the Council to award the contract to Schumacher Construction.  He reminded the Council that half of the project will be paid for by a grant.  The City’s portion will be paid for by the WAC and SAC funds.  He informed the Council the unseasonable weather has led to Schumacher’s asking to start on the project as early as Friday.  Motion Durhman, second Hostager to award the utility extension for 445th Street to Schumacher Construction for $139,770.10.  Approved 5-0-0. 


8-E.  Resolution 2012-06 2012 Reestablishing Precincts and Polling Places;

Motion Hinderaker, second Durhman to approve Resolution 2012-06 2012 Reestablishing Precincts and Polling Places.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-F.  Fireworks Display Permit Approval

Community Director King asked the Council for approval to have a fireworks display at the Covered Bridge Festival.  Motion Drenckhahn, second Durhman to approve the fireworks display permit.  Approved 5-0-0.


8-G.  Resolution 2012-07 ADA Economic Hardship City Pool

The Federal government passed a law requiring that all public pools be handicap compliant by March 2012.  Everything within the pool must comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).  In order to do this, not only would pool lift installation be required but the bath house would need to be fully reconstructed as well.  This is not within the capabilities of the City.  Area cities are in the same position and the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust is urging cities to adopt a resolution claiming hardship.   Motion Drenckhahn, second Durhman to approve Resolution 2012-07 ADA Economic Hardship City Pool.  Approved 5-0-0.




City Administrator Neil Jensen

Reported the City has received a three year $21,000 ($7,000/yr) DNR grant for reforestation.  The City must provide in kind labor to match the grant.  Volunteer Mark Behrends has been instrumental in putting this together.   114 letters were sent out to selection subdivisions to plant trees in front yards and response has been positive.  80 trees will be planted in the parks, pool and ball field areas.  Any monetary cost for this project will be taken out of the tree line item in the budget. 


Public Works Director Rick Lohmann;Reported to Council that the water conservation rate law has been revised and postponed until 2015.  He told them a proposal for a water service study will be presented at the next meeting.


Council Member Sara Durhman;

Said the new quilting store on the corner of Third and Main will be opening at the end of the month. 


Meeting adjourned 6:33 p.m.


                                                                                    NeilJensenCity Administrator

City of Zumbrota; 175 West Avenue; Zumbrota, MN 55992