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Urban chickens are allowed as a permitted use in residential zones subject to the following provisions in Subdivision 3 (E) in Zoning Districts R1, R1a, R2, R3 and R4 of the Zumbrota Zoning Code:
E. The keeping of animals typically classified as animals that are domesticated pets and
buildings and structures for the keeping of such animals and storage of related equipment.
In addition to animals typically classified as domestic pets, the keeping of not more than ten a
total of (10) hen chickens and/or laying ducks. No More than 4 laying ducks are allowed to be
part of the maximum of 10 on a parcel, which is defined as one or more lots or tracts which are
associated with a principal residential dwelling, shall be permitted provided the following
standards are met:

  1. Hen chickens & laying ducks shall be fully contained on the property at all times.
  2. Hen chicken & laying duck feed shall be stored in secure containers with tight fitting lids.
  3.  All housing, pens and containment areas shall be maintained in a clean, sanitary and odor free environment, consistent with Zumbrota City Code Sections 95.29 and 95.30. 
  4. Hen chickens & laying ducks shall be housed in an accessory structure with run meeting the requirements of the underlying zoning district and consistent with Zumbrota Zoning Code Section 3, Subdivision 3. Structures shall be rodent/predator proof and no hen chickens shall be housed within any part of a residential dwelling The use of small pools (kiddie pools) are not allowed in the raising of laying ducks in city limits.
  5. Accessory structures and runs shall be at least ten (10) feet from all property lines.
  6. Neither the keeping of roosters nor the slaughtering of hen chickens shall be permitted.
  7. In order to address potential Avian Influenza (AI) and other disease spreading, any illness or unusual mortality of hen chickens & laying ducks shall be reported immediately to the Goodhue County Feedlot Management Officer and the MN Board of Animal Health. Biosecurity measures shall be in place to help prevent introduction of avian influenza.
  8. Prior to the keeping of hen chickens & laying ducks in accordance with this Section, property owners shall notify the City in writing on a form provided by the Zoning Administrator. Failure to provide prior notification shall subject property owner to enforcement under provisions of the City Code Title I: General Provisions, Chapter 10 Section 20.

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