The Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
requires public water systems to inventory all water service materials.
This water service line inventory is mandatory. To aid in the inventory, the City is requesting
your help.
Please refer to the flyer below “How To Check Your Service Line Material” for assistance with
identification of your service line material and then respond to the survey in one of three ways:
Login ID#: ZUSample
Password: ABC1
  • Call 855‐440‐4005 for assistance with identification and a survey will be completed for you.
  • Mail the completed survey (found below) to:
City of Zumbrota 175 West Avenue
Zumbrota, MN 55992

Please submit your response by June 21, 2024. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

For more information about the inventory, visit the web address below:

How to Check Your Service Line Material

Step 1.
Your service line carries water to your house from the water main. Locate the service line coming into your home. This is typically in the basement. A shut‐off valve is installed on the pipe after this point of entry. You will need to test between the point of entry and the shut‐off valve. If the pipe is covered, you may need to expose a small test area. If the pipe is painted, you may need to use sand paper to expose the metal.

Water Service Testing Location is typically in the basement.

Water Service Testing Location is typically in the basement.

Step 2.
Use a key or coin to scratch the surface of the pipe. DO NOT use a sharp instrument to avoid punctures. If the scratch turns a shiny silver color, the line could be lead or galvanized.

Step 3.
Determine if a magnet is attracted to the pipe. If the magnet sticks, it is galvanized pipe.
Strong magnets work best.

Step 4.
Lightly tap the pipe and take note of the sound produced.

Step 5.
Compare your findings to the chart below.





Scratch Test Result Shiny Silver Penny-Colored Dull to Shiny Silver
Magnet Test Result No Attraction No Attraction Attraction
Tapping Test Result Dull Noise Metallic Ringing Metallic Ringing

Test Result Comparison Chart

Note: Plastic is a rigid material that can vary in color but is most commonly white.

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