Crime Prevention Tips

For Businesses:
  • Install deadbolt locks
  • Make sure padlocks are solidly mounted and never left open
  • Check door and window frames for looseness or rotting, repair if necessary
  • Practice good key security - sign out all keys and collect them when employees leave your company
  • Change locks and/or combinations when necessary
  • Never label keys - use a code if necessary
  • Light entrances and alleys
  • Leave some lights on in full view of the street

Be Safe:
  • Keep cash to a minimum
  • Leave empty cash drawers open after hours
  • Keep an accurate inventory of valuables

Preventing theft from Automobiles

Items most stolen from autos include:

  • Stereos, cameras, purses/wallets, music cd's, sun glasses, tool boxes, auto parts/batteries

What thieves do with stolen property

  • Sell for cash or at a pawn shop
  • Credit cards to make large purchases
  • Alter victims ID to forge checks
  • Causes incredible worry and inconvenience for victims

Preventing Vehicle Theft

  • Lock vehicle and put valuables out of sight - thieves will break in if they think there is something of value
  • Report suspicious activity when it is happening - call 911 if you hear or think something is suspicious so Police can investigate

Additional security Measures

  • Leave lights on outside dusk to dawn - helps to deter thefts, vandalism and burglary
  • Record serial numbers of valuables - increases chances of recovery if stolen
  • Use deadbolt locks which must be activated by a key



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